iv sedation

What can I expect after IV sedation?

At Dr. Krakora’s office, we use IV sedation for wisdom tooth surgeries, simple dental extractions, and some implant surgeries and biopsies. Most of our patients call it “going to sleep,” but that’s not quite right. IV sedation is deeper than both nitrous gas sedation, which is inhaled, and oral sedation, which is swallowed in the … Continued

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bone resorption

Tooth Loss? Here’s What You and Astronauts Have in Common

Atlantis completed a short expedition to the International Space Station in 2008. Upon its return to earth, the space shuttle landed at the Kennedy Space Center. Six of the shuttle’s crew members were able to exit the spacecraft without aid. The astronauts then continued standing, walking, and posing for the press. But a seventh astronaut … Continued

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how hard is tooth enamel

How Hard Are Human Teeth And Enamel?

Teeth of Steel When geologists want to know how hard a mineral is, they use a scratch kit to perform a relatively simple test: they just check to see if the mineral in question can visibly scratch the surface of other minerals. This method for testing mineral hardness has been recorded in human history as … Continued

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