TRIOS Scanner

Make Impressions Easier with the TRIOS Scanner

Integrating Cutting-Edge Digital Technology at WPOMS Impressions are an important step in almost any dental treatment plan. For implant patients, your impressions allow your oral surgeon to create a precise mold of all of your teeth, ensuring that your dental implant will fit with your bite. Traditionally, this meant that a tray full of goopy … Continued

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Who is the Father of Implant Dentistry?

Celebrating the man who made our modern dental treatments possible Bowtied and bespectacled in a video interview, Per Ingvar Brånemark’s emphatic hand gestures underscore his every word: “No one should die with their teeth in a glass of water.” The statement encapsulates the passion and life’s work of the man praised as the father of … Continued

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Could Paul Revere fix your teeth?

Here’s why you need to know your dental specialists American patriot Paul Revere is best known for his midnight ride, immortalized in the poem by Longfellow. He’s less remembered for his trade as a silversmith or for his foray into the world of revolution-era dentistry. After studying with a dental surgeon, Revere even placed a … Continued

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All-on-4, All in Photos

Candice’s new teeth, new life story—from her first consultation to her new beautiful smile When Candice’s teeth started falling out, she became self-conscious about her smile. She had always had problems with her teeth, but her Crohn’s disease made it worse. After suffering for years, she came to Dr. Krakora to learn about dental implants. … Continued

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