caffeine effects on teeth

Your Caffeine Fix

How the drinks that give you life are killing your teeth Java. Coffee. Cuppa Joe. Whatever you call it, you can’t survive a day without it: a tall serving of warm, steamy, swirling caffeine. Your morning mug is your life force, your fuel, and if you don’t get it you suffer from headaches and crippling … Continued

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bone resorption

Growing Nation, Shrinking Jaw

How George Washington’s dental problems affected his presidential portraits Written by Allison Russell, Feature Image Source The first president of the United States is known for many heroic feats. He crossed the Delaware, won the war, and retired from office after two terms, setting a precedent for the transfer of power that would endure to … Continued

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dental work washington pa

13 Celebrities Who Had Dental Work

It may be surprising, but the celebrities featured in tabloids weren’t always blessed with those beautiful, flawless smiles. Many have turned to the dental professionals because creating an A-list smile requires extensive dental work. So for anyone feeling down on their not-so-perfect smiles, your favorite celebrities weren’t always flaunting their pearly whites. On the other hand, … Continued

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History of Dentures

Les Miserables and the History of Dentures

In the acclaimed musical and novel Les Miserables, an unmarried woman named Fantine struggles to support her daughter in 19th century France. Fantine resorts to selling her possessions, her hair, her teeth, and eventually herself in order to send more and more money to the family caring for Cosette. Before she sings her famous and … Continued

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