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Dr. Krakora Talks about Full Arch Replacement - What's the best option for you?

Rebuilding Flawed, Damaged or Painful Mouths

Your jaw and mouth should never cause you pain or frustrations, especially a constant or recurring discomfort. If you are living with multiple missing or failing teeth, a misaligned jaw, impacted teeth or even have been in an accident which caused facial trauma, you’re likely experiencing daily difficulties with your mouth. In addition, these concerns often hinder the appearance of your smile, making you more self-conscious or embarrassed to laugh, smile or even take pictures. When you need extensive work done on your smile, a full mouth reconstruction is the ideal solution. Full mouth reconstructions combine multiple treatment solutions with the overall goal of restoring your mouth to proper function and aesthetics. At the end of the treatment plan, you’ll have restored teeth, a jaw that works without discomfort and the confidence to show off your smile freely.

Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

We use implants to permanently replace missing teeth. We can replace individual teeth with single implants, multiple teeth in a row with implant supported bridges, and even an entire mouth of missing or failing teeth. Implants not only look like a natural tooth, but they function like one too—both above and below the gumline.

For those who are missing most of their teeth or have many failing teeth, All-on-4 allows us to replace all your teeth with a bridge prosthesis. This full arch solution is possible with as few as four dental implants to securely and permanently hold the prosthesis in place.

Your jawbone supports your teeth and provides a natural appearance to your facial shape. When damage or deterioration compromises your jawbone, bone grafting is used to rebuild it. This can help hold your teeth in place, qualify you for dental implants, and restore a natural shape and contour to your face.

Those who have been in an accident or have a severely misaligned jaw may require jaw surgery to get your mouth in alignment. Your teeth should come together easily without any grinding, popping or discomfort and we can give you a harmonious bite again.

Failing or damaged teeth, impacted teeth or wisdom teeth all compromise the health and function of your smile. Often, these teeth require extraction to end discomfort and begin the journey to proper health. We always recommend replacing extracted teeth and choose dental implants as the most ideal solution.

If your gumline is an area of concern for you, soft tissue treatments are available to reshape it and create a healthier balance. Gummy smiles can have tissue removed to a more aesthetically pleasing level, recessed gums can be restored with gum grafting, gum disease can be removed and any tongue- or lip-ties can be released.

Crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth can be straightened with our ClearCorrect invisible braces. This option utilizes removeable clear aligners to gently move teeth into proper position without impacting the aesthetics of your smile or your everyday oral functions.

A Team Dedicated to Your Results

Full mouth reconstruction is an extensive and often complex process that is composed of multiple dental procedures that all rely on the success of each other. For this reason, choosing an oral surgery practice ensures you get the optimal results you deserve. At Western Pennsylvania Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we offer patients comprehensive care to help you get your life and smile back. With our advanced technology and doctor experience, education and skill, we offer an uncompromising level of service to handle even the most complex of cases. No matter how bad you think your smile and mouth may be, we have solutions for you. Our doctors and staff love changing lives for the better and want you to feel confident in your smile again.


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