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Expert Removal of Problem Teeth

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Extraction Only When Necessary

Did you know that over 74 percent of adults have had at least one tooth extracted during their lifetime? We want to assure you that you should have nothing to fear from tooth extraction procedures as it is one of the most common dental treatments performed. And at Western Pennsylvania Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we only extract teeth that are beyond saving—we do everything we can to keep your natural teeth! But when a problem tooth is left in the mouth too long, it can cause severe pain, infection and even impact day-to-day life. However, our team will never leave you without a tooth, as we offer the gold standard solution to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Causes for Tooth Extraction

  • Replacement with dental implants
  • Oral trauma or broken teeth
  • Advanced gum (periodontal) disease
  • Excessively crowded teeth
  • Painful wisdom teeth

Why Oral Surgeons Make a Difference

When you choose an oral surgeon to perform your tooth extraction, you are choosing the experts. Our team has extracted thousands of teeth for a wide range of reasons, so no matter how complex your condition, Drs. Steven Krakora is more than capable of removing problem teeth with gentle compassion. And if tooth replacement is something you are seeking after extraction (which we highly recommend), then our oral surgeons can even place your implants, often in the same day as your tooth extraction.

We are able to give you a positive tooth extraction experience due to our modern office, dental technology and surgeon skills. Often, when you are in tooth pain, a simple extraction will immediately alleviate your pain. Our technology allows us to identify the root cause of your problem and figure out if your tooth can be saved. If extraction is necessary, we offer sedation to give you a calming, pain-free extraction. If necessary, we will perform socket preservation bone grafting or place dental implants to get your smile and health back to where they should be.

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