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The Pinnacle of Oral Surgery

When it comes to oral and maxillofacial surgery, choosing an experienced team that cares about the patient experience is key. At Western Pennsylvania Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery’s Washington, PA location, we offer leading oral care for even the most complex of oral concerns. Our team of oral surgeons have over two decades of combined experience and genuinely care about each patient that walks through our doors. We make it easy for patients to receive the care they need thanks to our training and certification in advanced dental anesthesia and modern guided implant technology. Put your fears and concerns to rest when you choose our team of experienced oral surgeons!

When you are missing all your teeth, All-on-4 is a recommended solution to give you a brand-new smile. With as few as four dental implants placed into your jaw, we can attach a lifelike prosthesis that looks, feels and functions just like a natural set of teeth. Often, you can get your dental implants and a prosthesis the same day, meaning you’ll never be without teeth!

When you have missing teeth, it can severely impact your quality of life. Dental implants are considered the best solution to replace natural teeth as they mimic the functions and look of teeth, plus can last you the rest of your life with proper care. Our oral surgeons are the experts at placing implants to give you the best long-term results.

Wisdom teeth are extra molars that grow in during the later teenage years for most people, however they often become impacted leading to pain, infection or damage to surrounding structures. Our oral surgeons can carefully extract wisdom teeth in as gentle and minimally invasive a manner as possible.