Patient Success Stories

Before scheduling any procedure, the majority of us want to have a better understanding of what to expect. How soon will I be back in my normal routine? How will this procedure improve my life? Will there be much pain afterwords? The questions are endless, but thankfully there have been others who have been through it before – you’re not alone!

In order to brace ourselves for the unknown, it helps to hear what previous patients have to say. Here are just a few of the many patient success stories at Western Pennsylvania Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

All-On-4 Dental Implant Patients

Pam’s New Teeth, New Life Story

Ever since Pam’s chemotherapy treatments, she’s had problems with her teeth. Thankfully, Pam is cancer-free, but the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment she’s endured from the condition of her teeth made her decide to take action. She was referred to Dr. Krakora’s office to get her remaining teeth extracted so she could get a denture. However, when we told her about All-on-4, the best existing alternative to dentures. Pam immediately loved it!

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Candice’s All-on-4 Experience

Candice has always had problems with her teeth. When they began to fail over the years due to her Crohn’s disease, she didn’t want the hassle of dealing with dentures. Instead, she proceeded with Dr. Krakora’s All-on-4 surgery. Now she is out doing the things she loves and living with confidence!

Frank’s New Teeth New Life Story

With an active lifestyle and career in sales, Frank was devastated when he found out he would be losing his teeth due to deteriorating bone loss. However, rather than dealing with the hassle of dentures, Frank decided to proceed with Dr. Krakora’s All-on-4 dental implant surgery and it has made all the difference!

All-On-4 Dental Implant Testimonial

Another All-On-4 dental implant patient of Dr. Krakora shares her experience before and after surgery. She is more than happy with the results and was back to her normal routine in no time. Her new smile allows her to speak confidently in public and thrive in her career. Plus, she can eat anything she wants – apples, steak, hard-crusted bread, paninis, you name it!

Mike’s Life Changing Procedure

Thanks to advances in dental technology, Michael was able to have the All-on-4 procedure completed by Dr. Krakora. After suffering for years with painful teeth, Michael was thrilled with the results! In one day Michael’s upper teeth were extracted, four implants were placed, and his permanent teeth were attached to the implants.

Finally after years of loose and painful teeth, Michael has the smile he never was able to have. His health has vastly improved, and he can’t believe his new teeth actually “feel like real teeth!”

Terry’s Dental Implant Success

Terry is more than happy with his permanent smile. After dealing with all the hassles of dentures, Terry was willing to do whatever it took to have the all-on-4 dental implant procedure done. Thanks to Dr. Krakora and his team, Terry is feeling pain free and confident a week after his surgery!

Wisdom Teeth Patient Testimonials

Megan’s Third Molar Testimonial

One of Megan’s biggest fears going into her wisdom teeth removal surgery was the pain. She didn’t know what to expect, but to her surprise, the entire procedure was much easier than she imaged, and she was back to her normal routine in no time.

Her advice to future wisdom teeth patients of Dr. Krakora – “Don’t be nervous. Don’t be scared. The pain is fine!”

Matthew’s Wisdom Teeth Procedure

Although Matthew was a little nervous about being under anesthesia, he was surprised at how easy his wisdom teeth removal surgery was! After the first day of surgery he experienced the most pain, but after that everything was smooth sailing.

He didn’t have to take much pain medication and was back doing the activities he loves and eating food he enjoys (including a Moe’s burrito three days after surgery!). Matthew’s video testimonial is sure to ease the mind of anyone who still needs their wisdom teeth removed.

Doug’s Wisdom Teeth Advice

Doug provides a detailed description of his entire wisdom teeth procedure, and in particular, what it felt like to be under anesthesia, of what he can remember that is. According to Doug everything happened so quickly and before he knew it, he was waking up to Dr. Krakora preparing him to go home. Within no time Doug was back to his normal self, playing the Saxophone and all!

Joa’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

Joa was surprised with the ease and efficiency of her wisdom teeth removal surgery. With minimal pain and no swelling a week after the procedure, Joa advises future patients the entire process “Isn’t as bad as you think!”

Nick’s Smooth Sailing Wisdom Teeth Procedure

Despite any initial fears of removing his wisdom teeth, Nick was surprised with his easy recovery and how quickly he was back doing the activities he loved.

Dental Implant Success Stories

Dani’s Dental Implant Experience

Thanks to a quick and easy dental implant procedure from Dr. Steven Krakora, Dani is satisfied with her new smile!