13 Celebrities Who Had Dental Work

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It may be surprising, but the celebrities featured in tabloids weren't always blessed with those beautiful, flawless smiles. Many have turned to the dental professionals because creating an A-list smile requires extensive dental work. So for anyone feeling down on their not-so-perfect smiles, your favorite celebrities weren't always flaunting their pearly whites.On the other hand, there have been many actors and actresses who have altered their smiles to fit certain roles - talk about commitment!In any case, we have put together a list of our favorite celebrities who have either had dental work or disassembled their perfect smiles to get in character.

1. James Dean

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Image Source: A&E Networks
The Rebel Without a Cause star's two front teeth are actually fake! As a child, James Dean knocked out his front teeth while swinging on a trapeze in his aunt and uncle's barn. Apparently, he got a kick out of taking his teeth out mid-conversations to shock others. 

2. Tom Cruise

celebrity dental work
Image Source: Heightline
Tom Cruise is a walking advertisement for cosmetic dentistry. He's undergone numerous rounds of dental treatment and orthodontics, but it was all well worth it. His smile is one of the most well known in Hollywood! 

3. Gwen Stefani

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Image Source: Glamour
See what happens when you wear your braces? For anyone who's ever complained about orthodontics, take a look at how beautiful Gwen Stefani's smile turned out. Just remember to wear your retainer! 

4. Brad Pitt

pittsburgh dental work
Image Source: Pinterest
Rather than working to upkeep his Hollywood smile, Brad Pitt took another direction for his role in Fight Club. For anyone who hasn't seen this film, Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden. This character holds weekly fight clubs in basements where members volunteer to beat each other up, just because. Needless to say, Brad Pitt didn't feel his character was the invisilign type and chose to remove his dental caps

5. Hilary Duff

cosmetic denistry
Image Source: Huffington Post
Hilary Duff's beautiful new smile is gorgeous, despite the small mishap she had right before her wedding.A few hours before Hilary was going to get married, she lost her tooth. Talk about everything going wrong right before the big day... Luckily, her wedding planner saved the day with connections in the dental industry. 

6. Ed Helms

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Image Source: People
Like Brad Pitt, Ed Helms also went the extra mile in his dedication to filming The Hangover. In a bachelor's party gone utterly insane, Ed Helms' character drunkenly pulls out his own tooth - which may have been before or after stealing the tiger. In order to pull this off, he actually unscrewed his own dental implant

7. Denzel Washington

pittsburgh oral surgery
Image Source: Vann Family Dental
Two time Oscar winner, Denzel Washington should've thanked his dental friends during while accepting his awards - look at that smile transformation! 

8. David Beckham

dental work
Image Source: Us Weekly
David Beckham decided to take a step back from his flawless celebrity smile. For his cameo appearance in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur, David Beckham endured quite the makeover - all the way down to a stained, haggard set of teeth. 

9. Johnny Depp

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Image Source: Pinterest
For Johnny Depp's role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, he had several gold caps placed on his teeth. 

10. Zac Efron

pittsburgh dental work
Image Source: The Daily Beast
Despite Zac Efron's smile charming Vanessa Hudgens back when he was the High School Musical star, he never was a fan of his gapped teeth. Thanks to some genius dental work, Zac's smile is topping the charts! 

11. Mike Tyson

Pittsburgh dental work
Image Source: NY Daily News
Mike Tyson has taken a few punches to the face to say the least. With a career like professional boxing, it's no surprise he needed dental work. At first, gold teeth seemed to be the answer, but the producers of The Hangover urged a smile makeover for Tyson. 

12. Matthew Lewis

pittsburgh dental work
Image Source: NY Daily News
For Matthew Lewis' role as Neville Longbottom in the eight film series of Harry Potter, Matthew wore yellow false teeth along with a prosthetic behind his ears to make them stand out. Not many people can recognize him today! 

13. Nicholas Cage

teeth extractions pittsburgh
Image Source: Mental Floss
In the 1984 film Birdy, Nicholas Cage chose to endure pain similar to that of his Vietnam vet character by having two of his teeth extracted without anesthesia! Granted this procedure was said to have been scheduled previously, but Nicholas Cage decided to time it perfectly with his filming. Talk about a commitment!Well, there you have it! These multi-million dollar celebrities weren't always blessed with the perfect smile. On the other hand, some were willing to alter their pearly whites for the sake of a blockbuster. Needless to say, we appreciate the shout out to dental teams everywhere!

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