15 Unique Pet Names for Dental Fanatics

dental pet names
It’s always exciting to welcome a new animal into your home, but naming your new pet can be like pulling teeth! You want to make sure you capture the animal’s personality, while also expressing your own passions. Fortunately for all you dental fanatics out there, we’ve compiled a list of the cutest dentistry-related names for your new dog or cat (or fish or bird or gerbil or whatever).

Here are our 15 favorite dental pet names:

  1. Doc: If it seems like your dog might be the smartest member of your family, give him a name suitable for a D.D.S.
  2. Flossy: Flossy is adorable, plus she’s an excellent reminder to floss every day!
  3. Molar: Every tooth is a canine tooth if we’re talking about your dog’s smile.
  4. Hali: Let’s be honest. You love your dog, but she probably has some stinky breath. That’s why you should name her after halitosis.
  5. Bruxer: It takes patience and training to curb a dog’s bad habits, but I’m not sure there’s any training that can keep him from bruxing.
  6.  Max: Knick-knack paddywack, give a dog a (maxillary) bone.
  7. Mandy: Name her after the mandible, the very bone that allows her to chew up your shoes.
  8. TJ: The temporomandibular joint is usually shortened to TMJ, but that’s still a mouthful (ba dum tss). TJ will work just fine.
  9. Annie: Your cat sleeps for so much of the day, you wonder if she’s under Annie-sthesia.
  10. Baby: Nobody puts baby teeth in the corner (except maybe the Tooth Fairy!).
  11. Gingie: There are probably lots of cats named Ginger or Gingerbread, but how many cats do you know that are named after gingiva?
  12. Mal: His bark is worse than his (maloccluded) bite.
  13. Pearl: Did you know you should be brushing your pet’s teeth too? You want to work up to brushing every day to keep her teeth Pearly white!
  14. Fluora: Fluoride protects your teeth, but Fluora protects your house from danger (or, you know, the mailman).
  15. Miley: When Smiley Miley bares her teeth, you know it really means she loves you.
Does your dog have a dental name? Let us know in the comments!

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