5 Unique Dental Apps That Help Teach Your Kids Oral Hygiene

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Because who says screen time can’t be healthy?We know that your kids probably like to play with your phone a little too much (I mean, what are they even watching on YouTube all the time anyway? And how is it possible to play so much Angry Birds?). Fortunately there are tons of educational apps out there—with subjects like reading and history and math—to make their screen time more constructive. At Dr. Krakora’s office, we’re glad that there are also many health-related apps to encourage healthy lifestyles at an early age, since the habits your kids learn now will likely endure into their adult lives. This includes their habits related to oral hygiene. The way your kids take care of their teeth now will largely affect the health of their teeth later in life. Here are 5 unique dental apps that teach your kids good oral care now, so they will have healthy, beautiful smiles when they grow up. 

1. Video Calls with Tooth Fairy

If your kid is a skeptic who needs proof that it really is the Tooth Fairy taking their teeth, this is the app for you. It uses pre-recorded, interactive videos to simulate a real video chat with the Tooth Fairy. She talks to your child and when your child is done responding, you can just tap the screen to prompt the fairy to keep the conversation going. She’ll talk to your child about loose teeth, lost teeth, brushing their teeth, or visiting the dentist. The Video Calls with Tooth Fairy app by Tooth Fairy Holdings LLC costs $1.99 in the App Store or on Google Play, with some in-app purchases. Proceeds benefit the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, also known as America’s ToothFairy. The foundation strives to improve oral health literacy among children and to increase access to oral healthcare.kids oral hygiene tips 

2. Disney Magic Timer

It can be tough to make sure your kids keep brushing their teeth for the proper recommended time. To keep kids’ attention and make brushing fun, Disney teamed up with Crest and Oral-B to create the Disney Magic Timer. As kids brush and time passes, the app slowly reveals their favorite classic and modern Disney character. The cast includes Micky and Minnie Mouse, Iron Man, Tinkerbell, Darth Vader, and Olaf from Frozen, among others. Kids stay engaged the whole time and finally look forward to brushing! The app is available for free download in the App Store and on Google Play, but you have to have a Crest or Oral-B product to unlock it.kids oral hygiene 

3. Brush Up

Brush Up is another timer game that motivates kids to brush their teeth longer while also demonstrating proper techniques. The main character, Budd, brushes with the kids and rewards them with digital prizes. It’s pretty effective and was even named App of the Year by the National Academy of Medicine. It’s free in the App Store and on Google Play, though it offers in-app purchases.oral hygiene 

4. Tooth Defenders

Kids love superheroes, and this app from Colgate helps them feel like a part of the super team. A 17 minute animated episode on Colgate’s website and YouTube channel introduces the Tooth Defenders, AKA Tooth City’s five shiniest citizens: “Floss. The Brush. The Toothpaste Duo. And Super Chompers. Guided by their trusty heroes, Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell, the Dynamic Dentists! They keep Tooth City safe from the dangers of plaque acid.” In the episode, the Tooth Defenders defeat the slimy villain Placulus and his band of plaque monsters. The Tooth Defenders app is the perfect companion to the show, inviting kids to fight Placulus through five different fun and interactive games. Tooth Defenders is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.oral surgeon washington pa 

5. My Virtual Tooth—Virtual Pet

This game is superior to a lot of the virtual pet apps that let kids take care of cats or dogs, and they’ll be caring for a cute little tooth named Dee instead! Kids learn how to feed Dee healthy foods, brush Dee, and even give Dee a filling, among other fun games. Dee can also record your words and repeat them out loud in a funny voice. The app has an additional toothbrush timing feature, like a couple of the apps above, to help kids brush for three whole minutes. My Virtual Tooth is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play, with some in-app purchases.oral surgeon pittsburgh

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