ACP - An Improved Way to Accelerate the Healing Process

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People undergo surgeries for various reasons. Whether it's to alleviate pain, repair damages from trauma, birth defects, or to improve one's appearance, more and more surgeons are turning to Autologous Platelet Concentrate (ACP) to improve surgical results. 

What is ACP?

ACP is derived from a small sample of your own blood drawn during the time of surgery. Therefore, there is no risk of disease transmission, since it is your own blood.Besides being a safe healing method, ACP takes less than 15 minutes to process and doesn't hinder the length of surgery in any way. After the blood sample is drawn, a specialized centrifuge separates the red blood cells and plasma. Once the plasma is separated, it is centrifuged again to concentrate the autologous platelets.The platelets and plasma are natural to your body making it a safe and effective healing treatment. Research shows these platelets enhance your body's normal healing process by increasing tissue repair and accelerating growth, which is why ACP has been applied to all segments of the medical field.By using ACP, patients can experience numerous benefits. This includes reduced bleeding and bruising, decreased inflammation and swelling, increased bone growth and wound closure, and an overall reduction in healing time
acp reduces healing time
By using ACP, patients can reduce overall healing time.

Uses of ACP?

ACP can be used in various ways, all depending upon the procedure. Generally, it is applied to the wound site to control bleeding in cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.Dental and orthopedic surgeons apply it to bone grafts to stabilize grafting material, fixate bone grafts, and accelerate bone growth. In facial cosmetic and plastic surgeries, it is applied to seal wounds and enhance soft tissue healing. 

Will this help me?

The next question you may be asking is - how will ACP help me in particular?Well for starters, it has been coined a "new frontier" of clinical therapy and poses numerous benefits.However, every case is different. Talk to your doctor today and see if ACP is right for you - you won't be disappointed!

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