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Candice’s new teeth, new life story—from her first consultation to her new beautiful smile

When Candice’s teeth started falling out, she became self-conscious about her smile. She had always had problems with her teeth, but her Crohn’s disease made it worse. After suffering for years, she came to Dr. Krakora to learn about dental implants. She decided to undergo All-on-4 surgery and received a beautiful new set of permanent upper teeth in a matter of months.Her new smile will last her whole life. It only took 4 implants, she didn’t have to undergo a bone graft procedure, and her recovery time was fast and comfortable. Now Candice is back doing all the things she loves, and especially spreading her contagious smile.We know that embarking on a full arch restoration can be intimidating, so we want to give you a detailed look at the journey of an All-on-4 patient in our office. Check out Candice’s story.all on 4 surgery pittsburgh

1. Meet the Doctor

The first step to an all-on-4 treatment is your implant consult. Here you’ll meet Dr. Krakora and his team. Dr. Krakora will perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth and explain your treatment options.pittsburgh dental implants

2. Treatment Planning

Dr. Krakora and his team use the information from your evaluation to plan your treatment. Dr. Krakora will work closely with your general dentist and a prosthetic laboratory to work out the correct placement for your dental implants and create the best looking design for your new teeth.washington all-on-4 surgery

3. Your All-on-4 Surgery

On the day of your All-on-4 surgery, Dr. Krakora will perform any necessary extractions and place the four implants with will support your new teeth. The best part? He will also place a temporary prosthesis that you can wear home that day. You’ll be restricted to a soft food diet for a while, but you’ll have immediate function and a beautiful smile right away.all-on-4 dental implants

4. The Final Restoration

After about six months of healing and osseointegration (a process in which your dental implants actually bond to your jawbone), you’ll return to your general dentist to receive your final restoration. This permanent prosthesis will last a lifetime.Candice’s new, beautiful smile has renewed her confidence, and she says it was the best money she ever spent. Watch the videos below to hear Candice talk about her All-on-4 experience with Dr. Krakora, and then contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about road to All-on-4.

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