Dental Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away, and who has yet to pick out their costume?!I'm sure we have still a few last minutes shoppers out there, but there's no need to worry. Dr. Krakora's office compiled a list of our favorite dental costumes (thank you Pinterest). We know you love your teeth so much, which is why we figured you'd want to dress like them. Enjoy!

Our Top Dental Costume Ideas

A Loose Tooth
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 I don't think there's anyone who'd disagree this is the most adorable dental costume out there... Might have something to do with the baby wearing it, but regardless it's a cute tooth.

Carie the Cavity
best oral surgeon

Cavities truly are terrifying! The scarier the better for this one - really want to get the message across.

Toothbrush & Tooth
washington oral surgeon

Although we don't recommend lots of candy on Halloween, at least there's a toothbrush handy.

Tooth Fairy
implant dentistry in washington

See even Katie Lowes is sharing the dental love! Can't go wrong dressing up as the tooth fairy this year.

Darla from Finding Nemo
canonsburg dentistry

We couldn't resist. Best headgear oriented costume on the market!

Dental Floss
dentist in washington

After wearing this costume all night, you'll really remember to floss next time!

Floss Pick
implant dentistry in washington

And for those of you who don't like traditional floss...

dental implants in pittsburgh

This dentist really seems to be enjoying his monogramed scrubs! Such an easy (and adorable) costume idea.

See dental costumes can be fun! We hope to see more tooth fairies, toothbrushes, dental floss, and the like trick-or-treating this year. Happy Halloween from Dr. Krakora's office!

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