Joa's Wise Words on Wisdom Teeth Removal

Although wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure, it's completely normal to be nervous.However, some people become so nervous they put off the procedure for years and are left with irritating pain and various problems that could've been avoided by having the surgery in the first place.Don't be the person enduring wisdom teeth pain during finals week or the big exam you've been cramming for! 

What to expect during wisdom teeth removal

Whether it's your first time being under anesthesia or you're anxiously awaiting rumors of unbearable post-operative pain, it's comforting to know hundreds of thousands of people have successfully gone through your anticipated surgery. Not to mention Dr. Krakora provides detailed instructions on what to expect throughout your entire surgery process, so you will feel confident and comfortable throughout each step.In the video below, Joa, an actual wisdom teeth removal patient of Dr. Krakora, describes her entire experience a week after surgery, and according to her, "It's not as bad as you think!" 
 Hopefully, Joa's testimonial provides the reassurance you need before taking the next step and scheduling your wisdom teeth surgery. There are various reasons why third molars are recommended to be extracted such as, difficulty chewing and cleaning wisdom teeth, inflammation,  cyst formation, receding gums, deteriorating jaw bone, and many others.It's important to note that adolescent age is the perfect time to have wisdom teeth removed because patients are at their peak of healing, and the teeth are smaller and easier to remove.The first step for anyone undergoing wisdom teeth removal surgery is to set up a consultation. During the consultation, Dr. Krakora will go over everything you need to do before day of surgery and after the procedure is completed.Call Dr. Krakora today for any questions/concerns you may have!Feature Image: Dental Guide Australia 

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