Pam's Story - All-On-4 Surgery Day

all-on-4 surgery in pittsburgh
The next video in Pam's New Teeth New Life story is finally here! Follow Pam as she prepares for her All-On-4 surgery and discusses the procedure with Dr. Krakora.For anyone considering dental implants, this is something you don't want to miss. Pam recaps her dental history, reveals any concerns going into surgery day, and shares what she's looking forward to most with her new smile!Enjoy Pam's second testimonial video. You can also read the transcription listed below.

[Video Transcription]

I'm excited about it. Didn't get much sleep because like just thought of getting them done and everything. I'm ready to be out of that pain, but it's kind of scary knowing that there's going to be pain before the gain.

Describe your current dental problems leading up to your All-On-4 surgery

My entire mouth is just sore, and I'm glad that I got this all started when I did because other than that like I don't know if I could've taken the pain much more. It's constantly like Ibuprofen and trying to get rid of that pain or Orajel. I've gone through so much Orajel just trying to keep them out of pain.

What are your biggest concerns going into surgery?

I think just the pain and like kind of the embarrassment for that first couple days. I'm not worried about the surgery. I have complete confidence and everything like that, but I know it's going to be painful this afternoon.Pam and Dr. Krakora meeting before surgeryPam: I'm actually hanging in there pretty well I'm just ready to go.Dr. Krakora: So with the plan today, we are going to bring you back, hook you up to all the monitors, and we'll start an I.V. You'll go to sleep. We'll numb you up with local anesthetic, you're going to be asleep for all that. We're going to take out the teeth on the top. We may send you home in a denture today, or if we can connect the teeth we will.

What are you looking forward to after All-On-4 Surgery?

I'm excited to have the new smile, like I can go out and smile and talk to people instead of covering my mouth all the time.Dr. Krakora: Ready to go?Pam: I think so, yes.Dr. Krakora: Okay, let's go. I'm ready, you'll do great.Pam: Yes, absolutely!I'm just excited for the entire thing - get rid of the pain and having that smile back.

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