Soft Tissue Grafting

Improving Oral Health
Have you been dealing with sensitive roots? receding gum tissue? Well it's not too late to consider soft tissue grafting and how this procedure can vastly improve your oral health and give you the beautiful and confident smile you've always wanted!Receding gum tissue is not simply a problem that will go away. It can be due to various factors, but gum disease is one of the leading causes. When gums recede they expose the roots of teeth, which can lead to the following problems:
  • Increased root sensitivity
  • Decreased aesthetics
  • Deterioration of supporting bone
  • Risk of further recession
  • Increased build-up of plaque

What is soft tissue grafting?

For starters, healthy gum tissue is essential to protect teeth from periodontal disease and sensitivity. By performing a soft tissue graft, the doctor recreates healthy gums by placing tissue over the exposed roots of one's teeth. In return, gum recession and bone loss are reduced. Not to mention a soft tissue graft also prevents exposed roots from decaying. 
soft tissue grafting to help receding gum line
Recreate healthy gums with soft tissue grafting

Surgical Advances

Thanks to advances in oral surgery, doctors are no longer required to use tissue from a patient's palate or other tissue sites to place on the exposed roots like in the past. When tissue is taken from the patient's body it leaves open wounds and causes discomfort for the patient.By implementing regenerative tissue matrixes such as BioHorizons' AlloDerm, doctors no longer need to extract tissue from various sources, instead they simply apply regenerative tissue. This solution eliminates an additional surgical site and similar results are still achieved. 

After Surgery

Once the surgery complete, post operative instructions will vary depending on each case. The doctor will review specific instructions in detail, but they can include:
  • Take prescribed antibiotics to limit inflammation
  • Rinse with assigned mouth wash
  • Don't irritate surgical site
  • Cover surgical area with protective dressings
  • Manage post operative pain with prescribed medication
There's no reason to watch receding gums and teeth sensitive progress into further problems. Talk with your doctor and discuss the possibility of a soft tissue graft.

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