Video: Candice's All-on-4 Story

new teeth new life all-on-4 dental implant patient of dr. krakora
Candice's All-On-4 story began as soon as she realized dentures weren't her only option.Candice always suffered from problems with her teeth, mainly stemming from her Crohn's disease. Over the years her teeth began to fail, and she soon was faced with the decision as to how she wanted to replace her upper teeth.At first, dentures seemed to be her only option, but did she really want to deal with all the hassles that come with them? Poly grip, adhesives, the constant worry of being seen without teeth, and the embarrassment of dentures slipping were enough to convince Candice to seek out alternatives.When Dr. Krakora introduced her to the All-On-4 dental implant concept, she realized she could finally have the smile she was missing out on over the years. She could eat whatever she wanted, feel confident around friends, family, and peers, and finally stop hiding her smile!Watch Candice's All-On-4 story below!

Candice's Life-Changing Decision

With much consideration Candice decided to proceed with the All-on-4 dental implant concept. Thanks to Dr. Krakora and his staff, Candice's surgery was a success and now she has a new set of teeth to show for it - all in the same day!Now not even two weeks after her surgery Candice is feeling just like her old self. She is back doing the things she loves, eating what she wants, and feeling more confident than ever. According to Candice, the All-on-4 procedure was the best money she ever spent!new teeth new life patient of dr. krakora

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