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2016 has come and gone and now is the perfect time to re-evaluate the New Years Resolutions we've set for ourselves. Were we able to stick to those diets, keep a membership at the gym, or get better at saving money? A lot of us may be shaking our heads (myself included), but a new year is finally here. This year finally do something you won't be shaking your head about - discover Pittsburgh dental implants by Dr. Steven Krakora.Dental implants aren't just a resolution that's easy to forget about after the stresses of life kick in. Dental implants will finally give you your confidence back and vastly improve your oral health in the process! It's a win-win right? We think so too.
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Why Choose Dental Implants?

This new year really think about what's holding you back. If your smile is the first thing that comes to mind, then Pittsburgh dental implants are truly something to consider. Why you might ask? Well for starters dental implants are the best teeth replacement option available. They have over a 95% success rate and are are permanent, life-long solution. Below are just a few more reasons why dental implants should be your main focus this new year.
Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth.
With dentures you will have to remove your teeth every night, feel self-conscious about them falling out of place, and have difficulties chewing. On the other hand, dental implants are permanently placed in your mouth and feel just like your natural teeth (and yes that means no plastic on the roof of your mouth).You don't have to worry about sticking to a soft food diet with dental implants either. Your new teeth will allow you to eat basically anything you would with your natural teeth!
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A Long-term solution
Dental implants are the top of the line teeth replacement option for a reason. They have been around for 50 years and are always being improved. If you follow the proper care instructions provided by Dr. Krakora, there is no reason your dental implants shouldn't last a lifetime.Bridges and dentures may seem like a great alternative, but they only last for so long. The average bridge lasts 5-7 years, and can inevitably cost more than dental implants due to the numerous appointments over the years, repairs, and replacement bridges. Not to mention, bridges are much more difficult to clean and 50% of bridges fail at 10 years due to re-decay.If you are considering dentures, watch this video below by Dr. Krakora explaining the downside of having dentures.
Made with titanium compatible to your body.
The material dental implants are made of allows the implant to actually integrate to your jawbone. This alleviates any concern of your teeth slipping out of place (as with dentures and bridges) since the implant is integrated far beneath the surface of your teeth.
They replace the root of your tooth
The reason other teeth replacement options aren't as effective is because they only provide a cosmetic solution to the exterior of your teeth. Yes, at a first glance you may be able to confuse them with natural teeth, but over time this will not be the case. Dentures and bridges simply replace the crown of your tooth/teeth. Dental implants go beneath the surface to replace the root of your tooth.What exactly does this mean? By replacing the root of your tooth, dental implants stimulate the jawbone just like the root of a tooth. With dentures and bridges, nothing is stimulating the jaw resulting in gradual bone loss.

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With all the numerous benefits of dental implants, don't push it off any longer! Start off the new year right by scheduling a dental implant consultation with Dr. Krakora today. Simply fill out our contact form or call our team at 724-223-0579 to schedule a time convenient for you!

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