Traditional Implants vs. All-On-4 [Infographic]

discovering the benefits of all on 4 vs. traditional dental implants
With an over 95% success rate, it's no surprise why the All-on-4 dental implant concept is growing in popularity as the ultimate teeth replacement option. All-on-4 provides patients with the next best alternative to their natural teeth, so you can kiss those dentures and bridges goodbye!With only four dental implants, an entire upper or lower set of teeth is replaced with a full dental bridge. In just one day teeth are extracted, implants are placed, and patients walk out of the office beautiful teeth. This unique solution ensures greater stability in the bone eliminating the need for bone grafting surgery to increase bone volume. Therefore, healing time is reduced and the procedure requires a less invasive surgery.In the early 2000s, implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare collaborated with noted European implant dentist Paulo Malo and began to use computer simulation, bio-mechanics, and clinical research to determine the optimal use of implants for restoring a full upper or lower arch of teeth. The result was a procedure that uses the fewest implants possible, avoids bone graft surgery, and provides high-quality restorative results in the shortest time possible.However, dental implant surgery was not always this efficient. In the past it was believed that more dental implants produced the best result. Therefore, around 8 to 10 dental implants were used to replace missing teeth. In order to achieve this many implants, bone had to be replaced through bone grafting to support the implant. This resulted in a very expensive, painful, and time consuming process.The info-graphic below displays the timeline for traditional implant placement compared to the All-on-4 dental implant procedure. Take a look for yourself and see just how much time you could save by choosing All-on-4! Traditional dental implants vs. all-on-4  

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing All-On-4

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